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The deeper you dig, the more you’ll discover, RestorePro Restoration Software offers outstanding value and power at a significantly lower cost of total ownership. Take a look at a few of the features below.

Job Manager


There are 16 modules in the job-manager that allow management of every element of a restoration project.

  • Areas
  • Invoices. Print professional invoices.
  • Readings
  • Drying Visualization Charts
  • Project Equipment
  • Line Items
  • Billing
  • Tasks
  • Messaging
  • Images
  • Project View
  • Sketches. Draw sketches using mobile device.
  • Work Authorization. Sign digitally.
  • Liability Forms
  • Document Storage
  • Sub Contractors
  • Insurer Info
  • Expenses. Track job expenses.
  • Dehumidification Calculator.
Manage using mobile devices.
Keep clients and insurance agents in sync.


Company Data

View a quick “snapshot” of your company’s data visualized in flot chart formats.


Client Data

Always have access to your company’s date from anywhere with any device
Simple, easy to use interface.


Equipment Management

Easily check equipment “in” or “out”. Put an end to lost or misplaced equipment.


Task Management

Task Manager allows you to assign tasks by employee or contractor.


Company Messaging

Communicate internally within your company with the messaging module on a per-job basis.

Manage Referrers

Referrer Manager

Manage your sales force and increase your “jobs from referrer” profit.


Print Invoices

Print professional invoices, proposals and estimates.

Line Items

Project Line Items

Hundreds of line items to choose from.


Draw Sketches

Draw sketches using your tablet.
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